Irie Genetics Review

Irie Genetics Review

Irie genetics are cannabis breeders based out of Pueblo, Colorado. The company produces a variety of unique strains including Arise, Lemon Jeffrey, Orange Gasm and more. Irie genetics believes in using the best of Colorado’s favorite strains as well as cultivating their own exclusive varieties.

What is seed supreme?

We use a genomic approach to identify regulatory evolution targets, which we call “target genes.” A target gene is a gene that is associated with an expression change, and its associated expression change is a predictor of the genotype-phenotype relationship. We compute target genes by applying multiple machine learning (ML) methods to a genome-wide expression dataset: SVM, NN, Gaussian NB and LR. The resulting target genes are then prioritized according to the expected functional impact of the targeted mutation. The results of the various ML methods are then compared using Venn diagrams.

Physiological pleiotropy occurs when a gene is involved in the regulation of multiple biological processes, and has been proposed as a key constraint on evolutionary rates of molecular and phenotypic traits21,22. Specifically, it is thought that pleiotropy contributes to the strict conservation of developmental stages and body-plan establishment in animals23,24. It is also proposed that pleiotropy drives rapid evolution of protein-protein interactions by increasing the cost of generating novel interaction partners25,26. However, the apparent correlation between phenotypic pleiotropy and protein-protein interaction networks is due to biases in the data sets used to calculate pleiotropy27.

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