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How to Find a Local Private Investigator

If you’re looking for a local private investigator, you have a few options. Some of these investigators near me will be able to help you by locating people, while others will be able to do surveillance and gathering evidence for a criminal investigation. Using the right local PI is important for reducing costs and getting results faster.

Can a private investigator interview suspects?

Before hiring an investigator, ask questions. Ask about their experience, including what types of cases they have done before. You can also get a few referrals from friends or family. During a consultation, you should expect them to walk you through the process of how they will do your job. They should be courteous and respectful.

Generally, you can get an estimate from a PI before hiring them. Make sure they provide you with a fair and reasonable price. Never exceed the estimate.

A professional private investigator should provide you with proof of liability insurance. This is to protect you from potential lawsuits. The firm should also have an office.

Lastly, make sure to check out their website. An organized and well-designed site can tell you a lot about the company’s service.

Lastly, find out if the company offers a free consultation. This is a time-tested marketing method. It relieves the pressure of making a decision.

When considering which investigator to hire, you can find plenty of information online. Look for a firm with a good reputation, a reputable website, and a well-established office.

Whether you’re looking for a private investigator or someone to conduct a home inspection, be sure to do your research and get recommendations. Getting a free consultation is the easiest way to determine if you’re getting the best deal.

Stillinger Investigations Inc

Stillinger Investigations is a private investigation company. It offers a wide range of services. The firm was founded in 1991. They serve clients in South Carolina.

How much is a pi?

This company uses specialized equipment to conduct surveillance investigations. Their team is composed of a mix of experienced investigators. These include detectives, security specialists, and law enforcement professionals.

Stillinger investigations inc provides services that include digital forensics, child custody investigations, insurance fraud investigations, criminal defense investigations, and eavesdropping detection. All of these services are geared towards meeting the needs of clients.

Stillinger Investigations has an office in Columbia, SC. They offer investigative services to both government agencies and private businesses. They have six employees.

Stillinger Investigations is one of the top private investigation companies in South Carolina. With a combined experience of 125 years, they are known for their work. Having strong evidence is important in court.

Private investigators from this company are able to find missing persons. They can interview witnesses, study police and medical reports, and collect evidence. Also, they can prevent theft by employees and narrow down the list of suspects.

Stillinger Investigations’s website is user-friendly and offers a variety of resources. You can find information about their fees, FAQ, and testimonials. They also offer a section on insider news.

Stillinger Investigations reviews can give you insights into the company’s culture and working conditions. Some people may get upset because of the high-pressure environment. However, Stillinger Investigations is a business that rewards its staff for a job well done.


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