Does the Columbian Waist Trainer Really Work?

Does the Columbian Waist Trainer Really Work?

The Colombian waist trainer  is a hot new product that promises to slim and tone the midsection, helping you get that hourglass figure. Its evangelists are all over the Internet, posting videos of their daily workouts and revealing day-by-day progress. But can these cinchers really do what they claim?

Some experts say a waist trainer could make you feel full more quickly, helping you limit the calories you eat. But that has never been proven, and waist-training corsets are usually so uncomfortable that very few people end up wearing them regularly.

Other experts say waist training can strengthen and rebuild core muscles, which are often weakened by pregnancy or other major surgeries like a C-section or hysterectomy. And a waist trainer might also help you burn fat faster by making you sweat, a process called thermogenesis. But those claims are based on very limited, if any, scientific evidence.

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If you are going to wear a waist trainer, start slowly and listen to your body. You might be able to wear it for 8 hours straight at first, but this is not realistic for most people and you will probably hurt yourself. It is much better to start with half an hour and build up to this, especially if you are new to waist training.

If you want to see real results, invest in a high-quality waist trainer that is made of thick, elastic fabrics and sturdy boning. The best choice is a latex sport girdle, which can accelerate your sweating and fat burning without damaging or irritating the skin.

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