Concrete Repair – What You Need to Know

Concrete Repair – What You Need to Know

Getting concrete replaced is a major undertaking that will involve tearing out existing concrete, installing the new, and waiting for it to cure. Whether it’s an old sidewalk slab, a structural parking garage floor or even a bridge deck, replacing concrete can be expensive and disruptive. However, sometimes it is the best option depending on what needs to be accomplished.

A Concrete Repair evaluation should be conducted by a professional engineer experienced in concrete construction to determine the causes of the deterioration and select appropriate repair methods and materials. This assessment should include a visual inspection of the structure, and destructive and nondestructive testing including core drilling for chemical and petrographic analysis of concrete samples. Also, a review of available design and construction information should be made.

Reviving Surfaces: The Science Behind Successful Concrete Repair

CMR uses various concrete repair products and methods to extend the service life of structural and architectural concrete structures. These concrete repair procedures are based on the results of our condition evaluations and our understanding of how structural concrete deteriorates and fails. We focus on providing a quality product that will last as long as possible.

Proper surface preparation and removal practices can make a big difference in how well the concrete repair will hold up over time. The concrete must be free of loose or spalling material. A concrete chipping hammer can be used to remove the loose material. When you ping the concrete with a hammer, delaminated areas will give off a dull sound, not the typical hard ring of sound concrete.

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