Planning a Tennis Court in Your Backyard

Planning a Tennis Court in Your Backyard

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Whether you’re an avid tennis court building or simply want the convenience of being able to step outside your own backyard for a game of one-on-one with a friend, there’s no doubt that having a home court will enhance the way you enjoy this time-honored pastime. And it may be more affordable than you might think.

When planning your court, it’s important to consult a professional contractor with years of experience in designing and building tennis courts. Look for a contractor who offers turnkey installation, which means they’ll handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. This includes excavation, concrete placement, installation of net posts and fencing, as well as surfacing and color coating. The company should also have an impressive portfolio of previous projects and references to show off to potential clients.

Choosing the Right Surface: A Deep Dive into Tennis Court Court Building Materials

Another vital aspect of the planning process is assessing the soil composition and quality to ensure that it can support the additional weight and loads placed on a tennis court. It’s also essential to consider the climate when constructing an outdoor court. Ideally, the court will be built on a north-south orientation in order to minimize the sun’s blinding rays during play. If this isn’t possible, there are other options to mitigate the effects of direct sunlight such as shading structures, a built-in sunshade or plant trees and shrubs around the court for natural shade.

Other accessories to consider when constructing a court include lighting, a sunshade, wind shelter or hit wall and a scorekeeping unit. In addition, the court should be surrounded in fencing to prevent tennis balls from getting into nearby homes or public areas.

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