Month: April 2023

An Amish Man’s Story

amish man

Amish man people have strict social customs, but they also value community and are one of the most giving groups you’ll find. They know their neighbors almost like family and are always ready to lend a hand. This is especially true when someone in their church is in need.

Misty Griffin, a nursing graduate and self-published author from Pasadena, California, left the Amish at age 22 after her bishop sexually assaulted her. She tells VICE that while her brothers have since apologized, she’ll never fully trust men around her children again—especially after she and her husband moved away from the community to pursue careers in the secular world.

The Amish Man: Unveiling the Traditions, Values, and Lifestyle of a Remarkable Community

When Eddie Swartzentruber started making TikTok videos about his former Amish life, he had no idea how popular they’d be. His short, often cheerful posts quickly amassed tens of thousands of followers. Then, he began to notice that many of them were curious about the Amish way of life.

He answered their questions in short, thoughtful videos, and found himself being asked more and more of them. So he kept answering.

But the more he learned about the Amish, the more he realized how much of it was not ideal. He saw that the community’s teachings hedged in conformity and prevented innovation, and he knew it was not what he wanted for his life. He began to struggle with the fear that he would roast in hell forever if he ever left.

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

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They can also reduce stress and boost energy levels. And they can provide a sense of comfort and security that we all need at some point in our lives.

Why Flowers Are So Powerful

Plants evolved incredibly complex and diverse floral traits to help them compete for pollinators. Each trait offers the plant an evolutionary advantage, and plants often change them in small ways to bring the interaction between pollinator and flower closer to perfection.

What’s more, flowers have been found to reduce stress, improve concentration and memory, and even boost energy levels! That’s why a fresh bouquet can make the perfect gift, for a friend or loved one who may be feeling a bit down.

How Flower Power Can Help You Sleep Better at Night

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Yeast Infections Made Simple by Flower Power

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