Why Don’t Edibles Get Me High?

Why Don’t Edibles Get Me High?

why dont edibles get me high

Why don’t edibles get me high you’ve been smoking or vaping cannabis for some time, you know that edibles can be a delicious way to get high. If you’re a regular consumer of edibles, though, you may have wondered why you aren’t feeling the same effects as when you used to smoke.

For some people, it’s as simple as their genetics and body type. For others, it’s something more complex, affecting their ability to metabolize the active THC compound.

Solving the Mystery: Exploring the Reasons Why Edibles May Not Get You High

The rate at which your body metabolizes THC is a huge factor in your experience with edibles. Some people metabolize THC so efficiently that they can’t get high from edibles at all, even when they consume a lot of them.

Another factor that could affect your experience is how quickly your digestive system works. Some people’s digestion can be slower than others, meaning their digestive tract will take a few hours to process the ingredients in an edible.

Taking an edible on an empty stomach can make it more likely that you’ll feel the effects of the THC compound. This is because your digestive system has a harder time processing fat and other molecules from foods before THC can enter it.

Some people are also less tolerant to the THC in edibles than others, meaning they can’t feel its effects as quickly or as strong. This could be a result of the dosage form or the ratio of other ingredients to THC in an edible. It can also be because of the metabolic efficiency of your liver.

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