The Names of Angels

The Names of Angels

The names of angels can be very varied, and many have multiple meanings. Some angels are named after particular heavenly objects or events, like the sun, moon, and stars. Others have names based on their personalities. For example, Raphael is usually considered an angel of healing, but he is also a patron of science and travel.

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Various religions believe that angels are part of the universe. Some devotees of these religions name their children after angels. These names are not exclusive to believers, and non-believers can use angel names as well. There are a number of positive attributes associated with different angel names, and some names can be used as a symbolic representation of virtues.

There are several different kinds of angels, including cherubim, seraphim, and Thrones. These celestial beings are also called messengers, envoys, and governors. Some are more familiar to us than others. Regardless of their title, angel names have a distinctive sound and meaning.

The names of angels are often related to the stories of Jesus. In the Bible, many angels were named Michael. The name Michael is derived from the Hebrew word “ra’a’wel,” which means “God’s friend.” Michael is one of the seven archangels listed in the Book of Enoch. He oversees other angels, protects the faithful, and punishes transgressions. He is also the guardian angel of Israel, as well as the prince of angels.

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