Dream About Getting Arrested? Interpretations of Dreams About Being Arrested

Dream About Getting Arrested? Interpretations of Dreams About Being Arrested

dream about getting arrested

When you dream about getting arrested, it can mean that you’re facing an obstacle that’s keeping you from your goals. This obstacle could be anything from a lack of freedom to a feeling of being confined. However, this dream doesn’t mean that you’re destined for a prison sentence. It may also represent your quest for independence, and it may mean that you’re taking advantage of others’ kindness.

If you’ve been arrested in a dream, it could mean that you’ve had a bad day and you’re feeling guilty about it. Another interpretation is that you’re trying to overcome a fear you have, such as rejection by a loved one. Often, a dream about getting arrested means that you’re trying to escape your own fears, which may be causing you to be restless or fidgety. Alternatively, if you’re feeling restless and fidgety in real life, this could mean that you’re trying to get away from someone you love. If you’re being arrested in a dream, you’re hiding something, such as a bad behavior from your past.

Your dream about being arrested could also mean that you’re struggling with your relationship with authority figures. You may be rebelling against your authority figures, or you may be abusing your power and causing trouble for yourself and others. In addition, you may be feeling trapped in your current work and feeling unjustly controlled.

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