How to Find Out the Status of a Criminal Warrant

How to Find Out the Status of a Criminal Warrant

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If you’re wondering how to find out the status of an arrest warrant criminal records, there are many options available to you. For instance, you can search for it online. These databases are generally free to access, but you may have to pay a small fee to access certain warrants. There are several types of warrants, such as indictment and active arrest warrants. Indictment warrants are used when a person is accused of a crime, while bench warrants are used when a person cannot be released on bail. Traffic warrants, on the other hand, are issued when a person is driving a vehicle while committing a crime. These databases list all types of warrants in Cook County, ensuring you’re aware of any relevant information.

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An arrest warrant can range from minor traffic violations to serious crimes, including felony convictions. A warrant can be issued for anything from drugs and unpaid traffic violations to more serious crimes, including street gang membership and aggravated assault. Besides criminal warrants, there are also civil warrants, which can be issued for monetary judgments, child support, divorce cases, or separation or annulment proceedings. If you have an active warrant, you can contact the court system and seek legal representation.

A court can also issue an arrest warrant if you have failed to appear in court on the date specified in the warrant. An arrest warrant can also be served by a non-police officer, if they have the authority to do so. However, in the case of a warrant, the arresting officer is generally required to inform the defendant of the charge and of the arrest warrant if they do not have a copy of the warrant.

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