Where to Find a Cash Bridge Review

Where to Find a Cash Bridge Review

We’ve all heard about cash advance apps, but how do we know they’re safe and reliable? There are a couple of places to go in order to learn more. One of the most reliable sources is the Better Business Bureau, which is a bit more selective than crowdsourcing sites like Yelp. At present, we have 15 customer reviews for Bridge Lending Solutions, which average 2 stars. This gives us a sense of security about the company, even if only a small fraction of them are favorable. Another place to find a Cash Bridge review is the Better Business Bureau, which accepts formal complaints from customers.

Rates Are Typically Much Higher Than Typical Home Loan Rates

The company has been in business for years, but only recently has it made it to the mainstream. This company is owned by a Native American tribe, and as such, only respects the rules of the tribe. In addition to that, this company is protected by tribal immunity, which makes it nearly impossible to sue them. Unfortunately, most tribal lenders use this immunity to avoid state regulations. Regardless, it’s hard to say for sure whether Cash Bridge is safe.

While the company’s website does mention that this product is safe, we’ve seen mixed reviews online. The rates are typically much higher than typical home loan rates. Depending on the loan terms, interest rates may be double or even triple the rate on a traditional home loan. Moreover, borrowers should be aware that high-LTV loans are riskier for the lender. This is especially true for loans with higher interest rates. If you don’t want to face this risk, consider other options, such as a home equity line of credit.

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