What Does a Chiropractor Do?

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors take the history of a patient’s pain and perform physical and neurological examinations. They sometimes rely on imaging tests to confirm their diagnosis. Chiropractors are not required to specialize in any one area. However, they may opt to specialize in a particular area if they feel that it would be beneficial to their patients. Some chiropractors also specialize in a specific field, such as pediatrics, orthopedics, or neurology.

Chiropractors Examine Your Posture To Determine What’s Causing Your Pain

Chiropractic adjustment is an excellent way to correct the alignment of your spine. It is difficult to pinpoint what causes low back pain, but chiropractors believe that misaligned spines can lead to health problems. This technique is called manipulation and has become more popular in recent years. Chiropractors will use their hands to re-align the spine to correct any misalignment, such as a spinal column that is curving or bulging.

Chiropractors are trained to work in a circle of care. This team of health professionals includes physicians, nurse practitioners, and physiotherapists. In addition to their knowledge of spinal alignment and how it affects the body, chiropractors may also prescribe nutritional counseling and therapeutic exercises for their patients. Chiropractors often work in collaboration with other health care providers, including physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, and midwives.

As you age, your body’s posture changes and your muscles adjust, causing pain in certain areas. Chiropractors examine your posture to determine what’s causing your pain. They use a variety of methods to treat back and neck pain, such as manipulation of the spine and the vertebrae around it. A good chiropractor will assess your posture and perform additional diagnostic tests. They may refer you to a medical specialist to help you determine the underlying cause of your condition.

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