Role of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers

Role of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers

sunshine coast snake catchers

The Sunshine Coast has many residents that love the outdoors, wildlife and the many interesting creatures that inhabit this wonderful region, but not everyone has the time or skills to keep their snakes and lizards safe and healthy. Many of these skilled individuals are not able to get to the area to take care of their snakes and lizards on a daily basis, so they rely on professional snake catchers that come to their rescue on a daily basis. The team of Sunshine Coast snake catchers offers a 24 hour all in wild reptile and snake removal and relocation service and provide a large network of snake catchers throughout all regions of the Sunshine Coast. Their goal is to ensure that snakes and lizards are not injured and to return them to the habitat that they were originally born in. They also work closely with the owners of these animals to ensure that they live long happy lives and do not suffer from a variety of diseases.

How to Choose the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers

The snake catcher team also inspects homes that have been used for the transportation of snakes and lizards to their new home before any operation is carried out. This inspection is done to ensure that no harmful environmental conditions have been created by the handling, transportation and re-installation of snakes and lizards. This team also checks the roof of any house to ensure that it has not been compromised. This is done to prevent the spreading of dangerous diseases and to prevent the spread of venomous reptiles to humans.

One of the most important roles of the snake catcher team is to travel throughout the east coast to different towns along the coast, identifying and capturing every single snake that they find. On an average, there are approximately 150 documented snakebites per day. The Sunshine Coast is not the only place in Australia that has these occurrences. In fact, there are known to be occurrences of poisonous snakes along the Mornington Peninsula and in Victoria. The snake catcher team is responsible for protecting the community and preventing the spread of dangerous reptiles.

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