What is Property Conveyancing?

What is Property Conveyancing?

property conveyancing

What exactly is Property Conveyancing? Property conveyancing is essentially the legal process of legally transferring a property from the original legal owner of it to a new legal owner. This process involves the following basic steps: agreeing on the sale a licensed conveyancing company will hand over the relevant forms, the original copy of the property title and the deed of sale to your solicitor. The solicitor then undertakes the necessary legal documentation to get you into the property owner’s name.

How to know about Property Conveyancing?

The next step is the completion of all paperwork and forms, this includes putting the property into the market for sale, undertaking title searches etc. The last step is the completion of legal documentation, which will include completion of the deeds of exchange, insurance certificate, completion of statutory declaration and completion of any other relevant legal documentation. At this point you are legally separated from the original property owners and ownership can now be transferred. The completion of all these steps normally takes one to three months depending on the complexity of the transaction and the complexity of the laws involved.

Buying and selling can be made easier with the aid of a conveyancing solicitors and if you wish to avoid the cost of a conveyancing agent then you can find solicitors who offer no fee conveyancing. These solicitors are able to carry out all the documentation and legal works for no charge. You will still have to complete the necessary paperwork as stated in your contracts, and you will need to make a down payment to the solicitors which is normally around 1% of the total value of the property. If you are buying a property that you do not already own but require the money to buy then you can use the no fee option, enabling you to pay for the entire deal without having to worry about incurring any legal costs.

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