Day: May 26, 2021

The Benefits of Havaianas Flip Flops

It is hard to believe that a little bit of marketing and publicity for a new line of flip flops by Havaianas actually had an impact on my life! I’ve always considered myself to be a real sporty person, with a natural love for anything water based, whether it is surfing, kayaking, rafting, sailing… the list goes on. When we would go on vacation to areas where the water activities were good, I especially enjoyed trying out various activities. In particular, I was crazy about kayaking and being able to get around on the waves by waving a paddle. But despite my love of water sports, I was not fond of wearing high heels, especially whenever I was going barefoot! Visit this URL for more about

Review of the Popular Havaianas Flip Flops

After learning about the benefits of “barefoot” wear shoes, I set out to find a pair of these very comfortable, but also ultra stylish, Havaianas flip flops. I first thought that since these sandals were supposed to be called “barefoot”, that they would be made of the same material as traditional sandals, like the ones my parents had. I was wrong. The funny thing was that even though the sole on havaianas is made of rubber, the company’s name has the word “rubber” in it. So now, instead of just being made of rubber, they are made of a composite material that has a rubber “sole” attached to it.

So what is so special about havaianas flip flops that they made me want a whole collection of these sandals? For one, they are made to last for a long time (I have mine for almost three years). This is great because we all know how expensive designer clothes can be, and we don’t want to spend money that we can’t really afford on something that will last that long. And for another thing, this type of shoe has a design that allows you to really feel like you’re walking on the beach while you’re on the beach (or even just on the sidewalk if you’re outside). This type of shoe is meant to be both casual and formal, and it definitely comes across as a girl’s best friend.