Under Sink Water Filters

Under Sink Water Filters

under sink water filters

If you have ever noticed a large, bulky “filtered water” bottle sitting on your counter, under your kitchen sink, you might have thought to yourself that maybe you should get under sink water filters. Under counter filters are unobtrusive, can be very effective, and save space. Most under-sink models hold the filtration mechanisms away from view while delivering filtered water directly into the kitchen sink. A popular type of under sink water filter is the under countertop filter, which can even be installed in your laundry room if that is where you want to keep your filtered water.


Under sink filters work well for several different reasons. The most important reason is that they allow you to take advantage of the effectiveness of activated carbon filtration. Activated carbon filters capture chlorine and other common contaminants, which are known to cause a variety of health problems. Because of the threat these contaminants represent, most homeowners invest in a carbon block filter to protect their family.

Another benefit of under-counter water filters is that they often come with an automatic ingoing water pressure regulator. This device allows you to automatically adjust the pressure of your water filter to ensure the appropriate water flow rate. Many ingoing water pressure regulators are powered by batteries, which offer you longer lasting service and a lot more convenience than a conventional electrical model. Last but not least, under-counter water filters are affordable. You can find some excellent deals online, and even buy them used if you are concerned about appliance quality or condition. In addition, many online merchants offer free or low cost accessories and parts.

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