Day: January 7, 2021

Aussie Soles Is the Perfect Pair of Footwear For Your Feet

Aussie Soles was formed as a result of the need for comfortable and durable soles in casual shoes. Since their creation in 2021 Aussie Soles were continuously working with leading Podiatrists to design the most affordable, light weight mid-priced athletic footwear range for the Australian Footwear industry. In 2021 Aussie Soles conducted a nationwide survey with Podiatrists from across the nation. The results showed that more than half of the respondents were looking for a more comfortable fit in their shoes to complement their active lifestyle. Website

Aussie Soles – The need for comfortable and durable soles in casual shoes

From the responses it was apparent that many podiatrists were advising their patients to use a closed cell foam insoles to complement their active lifestyle. Aussies also reported that when they used Aussie Soles they didn’t leave them in direct sunlight or a hot car as these two factors can cause the foam to expand and contract rapidly causing pain and discomfort. It was also found that when they used Aussie Soles at night the open cell foam did absorb the daylight which prevented blistering when the day was wet. So from day one you know that if you choose a podiatrist to fit your Aussie Soles you can be sure that they will provide a pain-free, comfortable and long lasting fitting to ensure you get the most out of your shoe.

Aussies love foot scrubs so if your job requires you to scrub and clean floors, furniture and carpets then you too should look at a pair of Aussie Soles. They are a world leader in innovation and design when it comes to mid-calf footwear and have come up with an innovative extra comfort feature called Starfish. This is a contoured inner liner around the soles that helps prevent chafing and discomfort. If you want your feet to stay in tip-top shape all year long then give your feet the extra comfort they need with starfish orthotics for Aussies. Whether you need starfish orthotics for foot scrubs or need relief during the winter months, a pair of these special orthotics will help you and your feet stay healthy.