Day: December 30, 2020

How To Use ClickFunnels To Drive More People To Your Squeeze Page Or Offer

Many affiliates out there are asking how to use ClickFunnels in order to get more targeted traffic for their websites. Being here right now implies that you’re not so dumb as those people who want to learn it all by themselves out of scratch. Because in this article I’m going to show you quite a few useful things about how to use ClickFunnels to your advantage with ClickBank affiliate offers or products. Starting from:

– Choose an affiliate product from ClickBank or an offer from ClickFunnel. – Register for both of them. – Configure both of them according to your preferences. – Install the ClickFunnels plugin on your blog. – Choose one of the two autoblogging robots and start getting traffic from your website.

Now, this is how to use clickfunnels in order to get targeted traffic from the search engines. But how to use clickfunnels in order to turn your site visitors into sales? The first thing you need to do is to take note of the names of the people who were sent to your site with the links to your site. It’s very important that you put these names in the “Binary SEO” section of your website. These names will be helpful for your ranking with the search engines.